business technologies of denver is your solution for private medical practice technology support services. providing the highest quality solutions and compliance in a professional manner.

human touch

When your computer is part of so much of your life, it’s good to know who’s working on it.  Tim Louden puts the human touch back into computing.  When you call, email, or use BT Denver you will get the personal touch of a local technology expert to take care of you.  No mysterious corporate rules or getting passed off between people whenever there’s a problem, Tim will be with you from start to finish while delivering the highest quality service catered to your needs.

expert in your corner

Compliance is tough and distracts from what you’re really here to do. Stop worrying about technology compliance in your practice and get back to what really matters.

job done right guarantee

Quality is a core value behind BT Denver, rest assured the job will get done right and Tim will keep working until it is.  It’s that simple.